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Slab Flavours

Fantastic flavours for your guests

We have three flavours available for large serving slabs of cake.

Our slabs are filled with cream cheese but clients may request to replace this filling with vanilla buttercream. 

These flavours are best served straight from the venue fridge as cream cheese is best kept cold. This works well as venue staff can serve straight from the kitchen. No fear as your beautiful centrepiece cake will always be there in the main room to wow your guests.

We strongly advise that slabs (with cream cheese) not be left at room temperature for long periods of time. 

Carrot Cake

Warm and spice-infused sponge layered with cream cheese frosting.

Red Velvet

The American classic. A bright red-coloured sponge layered with cream cheese frosting.

Chocolate Guinness Cake

A rich, dense chocolate sponge with a soft Guinness flavour, filled with a Baileys Cream Cheese frosting.